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Are You Sure You Wanna Date Me
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Are you totally sure you want to date me and be my boyfriend? I mean are you REALLY sure - because you should know I'm not the perfect girl you think I am - I WILL hurt you so fucking much and I mean REALLY hurt you on purpose. I'll chain you up and torture your helpless cock and balls just for my amusement. I'll kick you in the balls - that's actually one of my favourite things to do. I'll sleep with all the guys you hate - and most of the friends you love too! I'll emasculate you daily. I'll feminize you and force you into humiliating public predicaments for everyone to laugh at. Before you know what's happened you'll be nothing more than a pathetic, defeated sissy bitch ready to be blackmailed into sucking cock for me. On top of all the humiliating and degrading things I'll do to you and make you do for me you need to understand that there will be one thing you'll NEVER do - and that's fuck me bitch! I fuck who I want when I want and there's no way I'll ever fuck a loser who let's his girlfriend treat him the way I'd treat you. So before you make your final decision just think for a second and I'll ask you again - are you totally sure you want to be my boyfriend?
Princess Ashleigh
11/09/2017 - 13 minutes
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