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Becky Dee
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I'm a Cruel Disney-Dominatrix brought to life. Imagine Jessica Rabbit with a bitchy attitude and a whip - using every perfect curve to seduce, manipulate and exploit losers like you. I'll let you think you've found the girl of your dreams until it's too late - before you have any idea what's happening your fantasy Jessica Rabbit will have you feminized, locked in chastity and cuckolded! The fact is I'm REAL! You won't be able to dip in and out of your fantasy whenever you like - there will be no escape once I've put you down to where I want you. I'll turn you into a weak, submissive, drone and you'll spend the rest of your life worshiping me, spoiling me and entertaining me and my REAL MEN. You'll learn there's no happy disney ending for you. You'll be locked up forever - not in an enchanted castle but in CHASTITY! Teased, denied and cuckolded over and over!

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Loser On Trial - Sentenced To Being Sissied
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Loser On Trial - Sentenced To Eat Your Own Cum
Loser On Trial - Sentenced To Chastity
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