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Beg Me To Fuck Him
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This is a cuckold humiliation jerk off instruction where you get to stroke your unused limp-dick while you BEG me to fuck other guys. You can watch and listen to your perfect dream-girl verbally humiliate you as you jerk your pathetic cock and beg me to fuck HIM instead of you. I want to hear you admitting your nothing more than a cuckold weakling who doesn't deserve to fuck a hot, alpha goddess like me. I want you begging me to leave you starved of any sexual pleasure while I give it all to HIM. You can beg me to fuck your boss, your friends - your BEST friend, the stud at the gym, the guy next door, your bully, or maybe just strangers I pick up in bars. I'm going to fuck anyone but you and you're going to beg me to do it. I'll tell you EVERY detail - exactly how good he was, why I choose him over you, what lingerie I wore for him, how big his cock was - EVERYTHING and you'll beg me to tell you. You can keep stroking your little cuckold cock while I mock you for being such a coward. Beg me to fuck other guys - beg me to laugh at you for being a cuckold, beg me to humiliate you. This is how you get to cum loser - no fucking beautiful girls - only real men get to do that. You have to kneel in front of us and beg me to fuck your superior. Beg me to fuck SIR! Beg me to fuck MASTER! Beg me to fuck anyone but you. You're nothing but an ignored loser cuckold and you deserve nothing but humili-wanks in front of pretty girls verbally abusing you. Pathetic!
Kayla Louise
21/08/2017 - 12 minutes
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