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Bratty Ruined Orgasm Cei
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So you're the kind of idiot weakling that knows you'll never be good enough to get a hot girl like me but it's not going to stop you craving some kind of sexual attention from girls way way out of your league. Who could blame you huh? I'm unobtainably hot! I have the perfect body, awesome tits, a cute ass and gorgeous looks - it must totally suck to be you knowing girls like me wouldnt EVER be interested in a loser like you. So where does that leave you? You either have to get your kicks fucking fat ugly girls in your own paygrade or you submit to being humiliated and ridiculed by hotties like me for our amusement. You get a slither of attention from the popular girls and we get entertainment. You'd love to be allowed to cum for me wouldn't you? You'd love to blow out a loser-load while I verbally berate you and laugh at you so guess what - that's exactly what you're going to get. I'm going to let you jerk that pathetic cock of yours while I tell you what a fucking loser you are. Jerk it you reject WIMP! Jerk your useless beta cock while I laugh at you! Keep going fucktard - keep going until you're just about to cum. Can you imagine how good it would feel if I wasn't humiliating you right now - that I actually wanted you to cum for me instead of it being a way of emasculating and degrading you. But no - the thought of you enjoying a nice big pleasurable orgasm from me being nice to you makes me sick so you're NOT going to enjoy yourself tonight. This orgasm is going to be ruined - are you ready to waste your fun for me loser?
Kaitlin Grey
30/07/2017 - 11 minutes
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