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Castrated Or Caged Virgin
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I've always wondered what would be the most heartless thing to do to a virgin loser like you. Either remove your balls entirely so you could never ever get to feel the pleasure of cumming inside a girl in your whole life… or leave your balls but lock your cock away inside a permanent chastity device for the rest of your life. Of course, castration sounds like it would be the worst of the two, but seeing your poor caged up cock every day knowing you're never going to be able to use it would be such a mind-fuck for a virgin loser like you. Castration would be instant cruelty - and I'd love to hear you beg me not to take your balls while I laugh and make fun of you for being a virgin. Then, when it's done and you realise your poor virgin balls are gone for good and you'll never get to experience an orgasm like a real man I'll laugh in your poor heartbroken face. Permanent chastity is the long-game of cruelty. You can be teased and denied mercilessly and left in a state of never-ending frustration knowing your trapped cock is never going to know what it feels like to be inside a woman. The only hope of achieving an orgasm you have is an empty ruined pity-gasm from an emasculating milking or from being fucked in your ass. Your unused virgin cock, encased in metal hanging between your legs as a strap-on or cock fills you from behind will remind you every day that you're still a virgin and will stay a virgin for the rest of your life. I LOVE both options - castration or permanent chastity - maybe we should do both - take your balls and encase your cock in steel?
Princess Aurora
06/08/2017 - 12 minutes
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