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A sissy bitch like you should only get to cum like a REAL girl which means definitely no more touching your inadequate sissy-clit when you're all dressed up in all your feminine frills. All you deserve is to dribble your cum from the bars of your chastity cage into you pretty panties while you bounce up and down on a dildo. There's no escaping how humiliating your predicament is. You're feminized in your most girliest outfit, your pitiful excuse for manhood is tightly caged away in a pink chastity device and you're sissy-hole is filled with a huge pink dildo as you desperately attempt to milk yourself to an emasculating sissygasm. You don't even get to hide your shame - I'm going to be right here watching you bounce on your cock until your loser-load leaks out of your cage into your panties. This is the only way sissies get to cum - no pumping your cock to a huge satisfying orgasm - no sissies get cocks pushed into their submissive asses until they get an empty ruined orgasm. You only have yourself to blame sissy - if you were a real man you could get to experience true sexual pleasure - but you're not a real man. You're a sissy and that means you're USED for sexual pleasure - you NEVER get to feel what it's like to be an alpha male. The sooner you accept that you're gonna spend the rest of your sex-life caged in chastity and getting filled with cock the easier it's gonna be for you faggot.
Princess Ashleigh
28/08/2017 - 11 minutes
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