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Date Night - No It's Not
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So our friend Jessie told us she was going out on a date with you tonight. Didn't you do well? Jessie is hot! I mean she's got to be the hottest girl who's EVER agreed to go out on a date with you right? You must have thought you had won the lottery when she agreed to go out with you - how the fuck did a virgin wimpdick like you manage such a thing huh? Did you tell her you were rich or something? Maybe Jessie took pity on you or perhaps she's going through a 'dork' phase but whatever it is there's no way we're letting you go out on a date with her tonight. Na-ha loser. You're staying right here in a pair of emasculation panties while you clean our apartment. When Jessie finds out you're not coming we're going to take her out to the bars to cheer her up and to tell her what a pointless little loser you are. So while you're neatly folding our delicate panties and colour co-ordinating our lingerie drawers we'll be plying Jessie with drinks and convincing her to fuck the first Alpha type stud that offers to take her home. You can be hand washing our workout clothes for us while we're telling your 'date' just how hot the guy who just bought her drinks is. You can be tidying up the used condoms from under our beds while we're passing Jessie new ones to make use of tonight. And just think - when you're scrubbing the cum stains our boyfriends left on our sheets last night, your pretty Jessie will probably be getting covered in cum stains of her own from whoever took her home instead of you.
Emma GreenKaitlin Grey
28/04/2017 - 10 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Date Night - No It's Not - #homewrecker