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Degrading Little Miss Perfect
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Turning you into a totally submissive humiliation junkie has been fun. It really has. We've taken you from being a normal, average kind of guy and dragged you down to nothing more than a grovelling pathetic wimp. It's been fun to watch your slide from high to the bottom. It's been so much fun we're going to do the same to the girl in your life. That's not strictly true - we're going to do much worse! By the time we're done with little miss perfect she'll be so degraded and dehumanized we'll be using her as our toilet. She may think she's got the perfect life right now with her perfect relationship, her great job and her perfect home but soon we'll have taken it all away from her. She's going to be our bitch. No more job, no more home and no more you. You'll both live in cages, bound and gagged when not in use and you'll watch each other's misery as we fuck with you. Your little princess is going to be beaten, gangfucked and tortured right in front of you until we've broken her. She's going to be chained up in the bathroom to be used as our toilet - that's the life little miss perfect is going to have from now on. We're going to treat her so much worse than we've ever treated you. Fucking entitled little bitch is going to learn she's only here to serve the twisted whims of her superior Alpha Goddesses and that's going to mean a lot of pain and humiliation for the little whore.
Jessie JensenMaxie Rhoads
06/05/2017 - 9 minutes
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