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All our devoted wimps are put through a number of programs to ensure they've no choice but to live their lives as submissive losers addicted to humiliation. One of our favourite programs is the Forced Cock Reduction program. It's funny because it doesn't matter whether you weaklings have below average, average or larger than average cocks - you're all terrified of the thought of it getting smaller. It's pointless for you to worry about it - you shouldn't be using it anyway which is exactly why we put the program in place. Besides being a total head-fuck to watch your cock slowly shrink away, it also means you're going to be so afraid of the humiliating moment a girl giggles at it you'll just decide it's better to keep it to yourself. Our Forced Cock Reduction program uses prolonged periods of chastity to keep your helpless cock inactive. You've heard the expression 'use it or lose it' right? Well that applies to your cock too - if it doesn't get used it starts to shrink. On it's own chastity won't be enough for the kind of losses we want to achieve so while you're all caged away we're going to be pumping you full of feminisation hormones. As time goes on we'll keep increasing the dosage until your cock is nothing more than a tiny, useless little bump. When the chastity device comes off you'll get to see your little joke of a cock for the first time. You'll realise that no girl will take you seriously and you'll have no choice other than to accept that you're a beta loser who doesn't get to fuck anymore. You're here to serve, to entertain and to fund the lifestyles of your superiors.
Jessie JensenMaxie Rhoads
26/05/2017 - 9 minutes
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