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I'll Make You Eat His Cum
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I'm going to force you to eat my real man's cum, cucky - just because I know it's extra humiliating for you. You've had to stand aside and watch as I danced with him in the club. Rubbing my cute little ass into his cock, letting him put his hands all over your girlfriend’s tight body. That was humiliating right? Standing there with my pink purse and Martini while I let another guy grope me like I was his property. It was humiliating for you to be sent home to prepare the bedroom, pick a hot lingerie set for me and get the condoms ready for us. Then you couldn't imagine anything more humiliating than when he walked into our bedroom like he owned it and threw your girlfriend onto our bed - tearing off the expensive panties you bought for me. You watched like a pathetic coward as he pushed my face into your pillow, lifted my ass into the air and fucked me as hard as he could. You must have felt so inferior listening to me moan with pleasure and beg him to fuck me harder and harder. Your humiliation only got worse when I ordered you to wear my discarded torn panties while I sucked my alpha stud's huge cock right in front of you. Could your humiliation really get any worse? Yes cucky it really can. He may be on his way home now but you, cucky, are about to experience the icing on the humiliation cake! I'm going to make you eat every last drop of cum from his used condom. He emptied a huge load into this condom and you're gonna slurp it all down for me. I'm gonna make you eat all his cum while you kneel at my feet in the panties he ripped off of me. Humiliated now cuckold?
Katie Thornton
09/10/2017 - 11 minutes
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