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I'm Cheating - You're Eating
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You know I'm cheating on you again don't you cucky? You've learned to recognise all the little signs - I start wearing my best lingerie when I go out without you. I take more time perfecting my hair and makeup and I'm picking the hottest, tightest, shortest and most revealing outfits. I don't even hide it from you anymore - because you are my cuckold. I don't have to hide my cheating because you have submitted to a life of being humiliated by my infidelity. I fuck other guys - and it doesn't matter whether you know or not. But eventually, there comes a point when I've found a new lover that I want you to know another guy is fucking your girlfriend. It's important because if I'm cheating - I want you to be eating! Eating his cum! It's the level of humiliation I want you to accept for me. I want to come home from a date with my big Alpha stud after he's left me totally satisfied and filled me with his cum - and I want to push you down between my legs and make you eat his mess. It's so totally emasculating for you, eating the cum of a better man who has just taken your girlfriend and fucked her until he's cum. I want you to know just how much pleasure he's had with your girlfriend and I want you to clean me up. You can slurp up every trace of his cum while I tell you all about just how amazing he was. I want you to know every detail as you swallow your pride and clean up all of his cum. That's the humiliation a cuckold deserves.
Maddie Parker
19/05/2017 - 12 minutes
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