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Jessie Jensen
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Aww poor you. You look at a girl like me, perfect tits, perfect hair, perfect face and perfect looks and you instantly know you don't stand a fucking chance. You have absolutely ZERO hope of ever experiencing what it would be like to be with a girl like me and you know it. You understand you're unworthy of any affection from me but it doesn't stop you wanting to be close to me. Guess what fucktard - I use that well deserved inferiority complex against losers like you. I manipulate beta-league wimps to get whatever I want. Usually that means expensive gifts and fist-fulls of cash but I also LOVE to use you drooling fools to keep me entertained. Humiliating you, and making you do degrading things to make me giggle is so much fun. I have lots of uses for reject weaklings like you - fucking is DEFINITELY not one of them!

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