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Kaitlin Grey
So I’m the hot blonde gym bunny you literally drool over all the time – the girl that you know doesn’t even know you exist because I’m so far out of your league it’s incredible. But the thing is loser – I do know you exist. Girls like me love to know they have an army of limp-dicked losers who blow their desperation loads in their pants every time they see us ignore them. I fucking LOVE torturing wimps like you by wearing tiny skirts and tight tops right in front of you – so you can see what you’ll never ever get. You might as well not exist for all the good it will do you – you’ll never ever get what you want and I’ll remind you of that every single day – I’m a bitch. Watch me sneer at you when I catch you looking at me. Understand that the look of disgust I shoot at you will be the closest you’ll get to attention from me. I’m hot – you are a loser.

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