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Locked In Chastity And Pegged Until You Cum
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The deal is simple bitch. You're staying all locked up in that chastity device until you've cum from taking a hard fucking from my strap-on. That's the deal - you can take it or leave it. If you decide to leave it, your helpless little cock is going to stay caged away in that inescapable chastity device for the rest of your life. No hope of ever getting hard, or feeling the satisfying release of an orgasm and definitely never ever feeling the warm touch from a girl. You'll be locked in that device forever frustrated and denied of all pleasure. Or you can take the humiliating option to bend over like a faggot and submit to an emasculating beta-fucking from my strap-on. If you allow yourself to be pegged until your poor locked-up cock dribbles out a sad little cummy for me I promise to set it free. What will you choose huh? A lifetime of suffering inside that cage or the shame of getting fucked by a hot bratty bitch until you cum? Do you think you could take the total battering I plan on giving you with this thing? Could you take the verbal humiliation I would throw at you while I pound you with my cock? Would you be able to control the whimpering and moaning I'm going to force from your gagged mouth? If you choose to be fucked until you cum I'm going to make sure it's the most degrading experience of your life. I'll spit on you, I'll call you the most humiliating names and make you beg me to fuck you harder. I'll make you wriggle back on to my dildo like a cock-hungry slut and I'll fuck you so much harder than you could imagine. If you want to cum - you'll cum like a whore!
Princess Aurora
17/09/2017 - 13 minutes
submissive / slave training
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