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Losers Eat Their Own Cum
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The fact you're reading this - the description of a clip called Losers Eat Their Own Cum kinda proves you're a loser. I know you're a loser and deep down you know you're a loser too and one thing losers need in their life is RULES. Can you guess what rule number 1 is? Losers Eat Their Own Cum! Cumming is actually a huge reward for beta wimps like you - but even when you have earned a rare pity-gasm you don't get to enjoy it like a real man. No way loser - your moment of pleasure is going to be a moment of humiliation. If you want to cum you're gonna have to swallow it all down too. NO EXCEPTIONS. There's lots of ways I can make you eat your cum loser. My favourite is the emasculating legs-over-your head cock pointing directly into your wide open mouth position. I love to supervise a loser as he jerks himself off right into his own mouth and order him to swallow his own filth down. It's fun making a loser drink his own cum from a cocktail glass. Swallowing your own warm, thick globs of cum from your petite glass as I sip champagne and watch you humiliate yourself for me. Maybe I'll make you save up your cumloads for weeks - either to let them rot in condoms or to freeze them into little cum-cubes then when you've built up a disgusting pile of loser-juice filled condoms or a tray full of cum-cubes I'll make you guzzle them all down in gross cum-drinking binge! It doesn't matter how vile your stale loads taste - you'll eat them because rules are rules and rule number 1 is losers eat their own cum!
Becky Dee
01/09/2017 - 13 minutes
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