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Lucy Summers
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I love to bully the weak. I've always been one of the popular girls - one of the mean girls who take advantage of all your weaknesses, call you names and humiliate you to gain even more popularity within my group of bratty friends. I would terrorise the wimps at school and make their lives a living hell. I'd get such a kick out of seeing a boy crying his eyes out because I beat him in front of his friends or totally emasculated him in front of all my snobby girlfriends. I was a bitch then and I'm a bitch now - the only thing that's changed is that I'm so much better at it now. Men are so easy to manipulate and turn into obedient little losers who'll do whatever the fuck I say - all for some attention from the bratty mean girl. In the end they all get humiliated, cuckolded, and beaten - just like the boys at school were.

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