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Reprogrammed At The Gloryhole
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Whether a sissy like you can learn to enjoy being made to suck cock or getting fucked like a real girl isn't actually important. What is important is that you accept that these are the services sissies are expected to perform. Whether you enjoy it or not is of no concern to me or the men who will use you and eventually it'll be of no concern to you too. The sooner you learn to accept how you're to be used the easier it will be for you. We all have our ways of getting our sissies to their lowest point of emasculation but my preferred way of breaking a sissy down is by taking her to a glory hole, for an extreme reprogramming course. You'll be taken completely feminized in the most degrading whorish outfit and you'll be forced down onto your stockinged knees, with your hands cuffed behind your back and your steel sissy collar shackled to an anchor point just below the hole in the wall. Your helpless, painted mouth will be held in place less than an inch away from the hole that men will push their anonymous cocks through. You'll have literally no hope of escape from the endless stream of cocks that push through the glory-hole and into your poor untrained sissy mouth. This is how you learn to accept your sissy-status. This is the lesson a sissy needs to understand you're nothing more than an object for other men's sexual pleasure. You'll gag and fight it at first - but eventually you'll submit to the forced-fag shame you're being subjected to. You'll be left like this hour hours - maybe days but eventually you'll be freed - with cum filling your belly and splashed all over your face.
Princess Aurora
25/08/2017 - 12 minutes
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