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Selfbound Struggle-Gasm
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So before we start, watching this clip and carrying out the assignment could cause you serious harm and I really couldn't care less what happens to you so you're doing it all at your own risk. This is all about getting you into a seriously helpless situation and then mocking and ridiculing you for doing so. You need to get yourself into a self-hogtie - preferably a SUPER HOGTIE! There's lots of ways of achieving this - you can easily research online but I want you to get yourself into an inescapable hogtie. You'll need a lot of rope. Gag yourself then bind your feet, ankles, knees (above and below). A coil can be slipped over your head and around your chest to keep your upper arms completely secure and you'll need a special ring device to ensure your wrists will be helplessly bound behind your back. Once you've put your wrists into the wrist coil and pulled the draw cord on the special device - you're trapped! There's no escape for you unless you've left a knife somewhere nearby to cut yourself free with. So what are you going to do now loser? Struggle! All helplessly bound and gagged in front of your screen while I tell you what a fucking loser you are - you can squirm and moan into your gag until you give yourself a struggle-gasm. You'll get no mercy from me - no sympathy for the situation you're in - you did this to yourself loser and now you've got to lie there and listen to me laugh at your pathetic predicament. The more you struggle the tighter the ropes will get - this could be serious loser! I couldn't care less - struggle and slime yourself loser!
Becky Dee
16/06/2017 - 13 minutes
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