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Sissified, Plugged, And Made To Eat Cum
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Emasculating humili-porn junkies like you is the only way you deserve to experience any form of pleasure. The thought of allowing a beta wimp like you, who gets his kicks out of hot popular girls like me being mean and talking down to you, a full-on jerk off orgasm makes me feel sick! You don't deserve that and you know it - we ALL know it! If you want to cum so much it's going to be humiliating for you. For a start you're going to be wearing girly clothes - pinks, satins maybe or something slutty or frilly and prissy - whatever makes you feel the most submissive and ridiculous! Put some panties on and then find your sissy uniform and heels before you go any further! Then when you're all dressed up like the fairy you are you can grab a nice big butt-plug and slip it under the soft, delicate fabric of your emasculation-panties and push it up inside your sissy-hole. ALL THE WAY IN sissy! Good girl - now you're ready. Now that you're all feminized in girls clothes with a big fat plug pushed all the way inside your ass and kept in place by the pair of girls panties you have on - you're ready to get yourself off. Well almost sissy - you just need to get yourself into your favourite position - you know what to do - flip your legs over your head. Way back over so your pantied cock is pointing at your own face. Now you're ready! Now you can jerk off and accept that this is the pathetic, ridiculous spectacle your sex life has become - sissified, plugged and waiting for your own cum to splatter your face and fill your mouth. You'll swallow won't you sissy? Of course you will!
Princess Aurora
23/06/2017 - 13 minutes
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