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Sissy Is Going Viral
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Total and utter sissy exposure is what you're going to get today! No short-sharp fix of humiliation to keep you submissive and horny but a prolonged humiliating ordeal with permanent exposure! You must be wondering what we've got planned for you sissy? Wondering how we could possibly be so cruel as to have your permanently exposed as a sissy. Well it's easy for girls like us - take a look at ou twitter profiles and see how many followers we have. THOUSANDS! And our girlfriends - THOUSANDS MORE! Between me and my bratty girlfriends we probably have close to a million followers who are reading everything we write, looking at every picture we post and watching every video clip we upload. It means that if I decide to expose a sissy bitch like you - literally millions of people will get to see you for what you are. We're going to the mall today and me and my snobby girlfriends are going to be putting you through a whole day of shame and humiliation. We're going to make you try on girlie clothes in busy department stores, we'll send you up to the assistants with handfuls of lingerie to ask for them in your size. We'll make you try on high heel shoes and force you to walk up and down the aisles for us. You'll get your hair, nails and makeup done at the salon and we'll take you for a humiliating bra-fitting. You're going to feel TOTALLY humiliated! But that's not the worst of it for you sissy! Me and my girlfriends are going to be streaming your emasculating shopping trip LIVE to everyone! You're going to be exposed all over the world for being such a pathetic sissy. You're going VIRAL bitch!
Becky DeeDanni King
10/09/2017 - 9 minutes
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