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Spat On And Drenched - 360 Virtual Reality
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FULL 360 degree VR experience! Look up at your beautiful goddesses. Sipping expensive champagne while you kneel at our feet. You crave our attention - you even wish you could have a chance to please us but you know girls like us despise weak, submissive losers like you. Our perfect genetics give us the right to humiliate and degrade inferior wimps like you which is why you're going to be spat on and drenched as we sneer down at you and verbally belittle you. Watch us sip our delicious champagne and imagine how good it would feel if we saw you as our equal. Laughing at your jokes as we flirt with you and fiddle with our hair. Imagine what it must be like for hot girls like us to actually like you - to enjoy your company - to want to fuck you! Then listen to us crush you with the reality. You're a loser - to be spat on and ridiculed. We despise you - We HATE you! You're going to kneel before us as we drink champagne and spit it all over your disgusting face. We'll tip my drink over your stupid head. Watch us as we drool our perfect princess saliva all over you. How humiliating for you watching us spit all over you. See the look of disgust on our faces as we look down on you. You're a loser - a spit drenched beta wimp kneeling in front of hot girls as we totally destroy your fragile ego and toast to your humiliation.
Jessie JensenPrincess Ashleigh
21/07/2017 - 11 minutes
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