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Superglued Into The Cage
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You're going into permanent chastity whether you've got a prince albert piercing or not. Just because you were too scared to get pierced for my solid steel chastity device with a PA anchor - making it totally impossible for you to squirm you pathetic flaccid cock out of the tube. I have other ways of keeping your useless loser-stick captive PERMANENTLY and it doesn't have to involve steel hooks through the head of your cock. The alternative is much much worse. The way I make sure you'll never get out of your chastity device is by filling it with superglue before I slip your poor limp cock into the tube. The thing is, superglue actually makes quite good lube to begin with. Your soft cock will just slide gently into the chastity tube and I'll fasten the tube to the ring and lock you inside - I may even put a dab of glue on the lock just for fun. Now you're going to start to wish you went for the piercing option - as the superglue sets it's going to burn and your entire cock is going to be set like concrete inside the tube. Just think about what will happen to your cock if you try to tear it out of that tube. You're in chastity for life now loser. Superglued into your budget cock-cage forever. No taking it off at the gym or at the airport. No paying girls to fuck you or strippers to lapdance for you. Just try jerking yourself off now - no more wankies for yoo-hoo! No more cummies. You're cock-locked without any hope of escape loser.
Kaitlin Grey
24/09/2017 - 11 minutes
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