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Unlocked, Fed Cum, Relocked
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You're going to have such a miserable sexual existence now that we own your cock. We get so many requests from you losers to lock your cocks away we thought it would be a good idea to explain to you how we would literally end your sex life forever. When you've been selected for SEXLIFE EXECUTION the only decision you get to make is which device you'll spend your life inside. Obviously, we'd prefer to keep you caged away inside a steel device with an inescapable Prince-Albert piercing but not every slave has what it takes for that. You'll send us payment for your device - we'll purchase it - as well as the padlocks and when it's arrived you'll come to the Cruel Girlfriend Penthouse to be locked away. As soon as the lock snaps shut you'll slip the key through the beautifully EXPENSIVE necklace you've bought me and put it around my neck while we wiggle our cute little bums into your freshly caged cock. You'll realise right away what a stupid fucking mistake you've made. We'll send you home teased and trembling in your new device and we won't see you again for 3 LONG months! If you've been good and kept up to date with your keyholding fees - you can come back after 3 months for your quarterly ruined orgasm. You'll beg us to let you jerk off while we verbally abuse you for being such a pathetic loser and then you'll be made to ruin your orgasm before we feed you your cum and lock you right back up again. That, loser is the cycle of your sex life from now on. Locked up, denied for 3 months, unlocked for a ruined orgasm and locked back up again.
Emma GreenKaitlin Grey
12/05/2017 - 10 minutes
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