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You Bend
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This is your life now loser - trapped in the bowl. Have you seen where you are - look around if you can. You're in the toilet. Not any toilet but the main bathroom at the CruelGirlfriend.com dreamhouse. Your life as you knew it is over - no more work, wife, vacations, nights out with your buddies - all that is over now. From now on this is your life! You're a toilet slave and your entire survival depends upon taking care of everything me and the unobtainably hot cruel girlfriends send your way. Our spit, our piss, our shit our used condoms. You'll eat and drink everything we throw down into your new home or you'll end up like all the other human toilet slaves before you! Oh poor, pathetic loser - you have no idea what's in store for you do you? A life of total misery! It gives me such a thrill knowing you're suffering the ultimate degradation down there while we have such an amazing life just a few steps away. You'll be used by all the hot girls that live and work here and you'll be used by our boyfriends too! We may even get a whole bunch of guys to crowd around you and piss down all over your helpless face. That would be so funny to watch! You're going to stay down there while we have parties, and you'll wait for the door to open and a stranger to come in and use you as a pathetic human toilet. There's no hope of escape for you - no prospect of being rescued or set free - this is how I want you to live so you're going to stay down in that toilet for the rest of your life.
Maddie Parker
18/06/2017 - 8 minutes
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