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You're The Cheerleader
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Caught you red handed! You ARE a sissy! I had already kinda guessed what with all my things going missing lately. My panties, my bras and MY CHEARLEADING UNIFORM! Like what the actual fuck are you doing all dressed up like you're on the cheer team in my tiny cheer dress? You look like such a sissy-girl waving my Pom-Poms around and practicing your moves and poses. Such a faggot! Is this what you get up to while I'm out? You pretend to be one of the cheerleading practice girls? Well, missy, there's something you should probably know about the girls on the cheerleading team that a faggot wimp like you wouldn't have a clue about already. We fuck the football jocks! That's right sissy, while you're jerking off to humili-porn or planning your next dress-up adventure, I'm already dressed up in that cute little uniform - getting fucked by my big Alpha football stud. It's just what we do sissy. So, with you being the cheerleader today - I guess that kinda makes me the jock huh? And if you're the cheerleader and I'm the jock - that probably means I get to FUCK YOU doesn't it! Why don't you twirl around in that pretty uniform for me while I buckle up this strap-on to give you a cheer lesson you won't forget sissy. You're going to take a real pounding just like I did before I caught you prancing around in my uniform. I'm going to totally humiliate you sissy - you can call out my stud’s name while I fill you full of this cock - beg Brad to fuck you harder sissy. I'll teach you not to steal my clothes sissy!
Becky Dee
13/05/2017 - 12 minutes
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