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Your Cuckold Collar
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I look incredible don't I cucky? Are you looking forward to our special date night? It must make you so proud to walk into a bar with me knowing all the guys are jealous of you. They have no idea you're a submissive cuckold wimp whose hot little princess would fuck any one of them in a heartbeat. Little do they know that behind your proud exterior, you're a pathetic beta wuss whose girlfriend locks him away in chastity and cheats on him with whoever she likes, whenever she likes. Tonight, is going to be different though cucky. Tonight, EVERY guy at the bar or in the club will know you have no claim on me whatsoever. You're going to wear this pretty 'CUCKOLD' collar around your neck tonight. It's the perfect piece of jewellery for you and you're going to let it hang around your neck and over your shirt so EVERYONE can see it. When you order our drinks from the pretty waitress at the bar she'll giggle to herself knowing you're in for a night of total humiliation. But it's when guys begin to notice that things will start to get interesting. Guys won't need any invitation from me - as soon as they've seen the 'CUCKOLD' tag dangling around your neck, they'll instantly know I'm available. Most guys will probably just muscle you out of the way to talk to me. Other, more dominant guys, may tease you a little about what they have planned - make you get them a drink while they dance with your girlfriend. One thing is for sure - when you're standing outside the restrooms holding my purse and our drinks waiting for us to finish fucking - EVERYONE is going to know exactly what you are.
Miss Mia
15/05/2017 - 7 minutes
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