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I'm sure you already understand that public humiliation is a fundamental part of your training, sissy, but just how much humiliation do you think you can you take for me? Can you take a whole hour of public humiliation?.. What about a whole day? Could you spend a full 24 hours in a public place dressed like a girl - so that girls might see you and men might see you? You'd get laughed at - you may get verbally humiliated - you may even be physically bullied! Wouldn't that be fun, sissy? I have a dare for you which will take you 1 full day to complete and will put you at a real risk of exposure which is what sissies like you deserve. You will be feminized in a public place and you will feel extremely vulnerable, scared and humiliated... It's fucking terrifying but you want this don't you sissy? You want to be put in danger for me don't you?

I hope you're seen in your girly clothes, sissy. I hope after only a short time into the dare you will be exposed and you will have to suffer a prolonged period of extreme public humiliation as a result. You will want the ground to swallow you up sissy. You will be laughed at and pointed at. You will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Especially so, as the outfit you will complete this dare in will be utterly humiliating. Maybe you'd like to take this dare on while dressed like a street-walking slut. A tiny PVC micro-skirt, thigh boots and fishnet stockings? Maybe, you'll complete it in a pretty sissy-dress - a maid's uniform with ribbons and bows and a pretty petticoat? Maybe you can take this dare while dressed as a sissy-schoolgirl? Pleated skirt, a crisp white blouse, a little tie and your hair tied up into little pig-tails... That would make you feel super-vulnerable right sissy?

Dressed up, with your makeup on and your wig perched on your pretty head - are you sure you want this challenge sissy? Are you sure you want me to dare you out into public? Are you sure you can take this much humiliation for me? OK then - let me explain your sissy humiliation dare...

Added: 17 Mar 2023
Clip Length: 13m 56s