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The Bulls Room
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Its going to be a really special night at The Club tonight cucky. Theyre making a very unusual exception for us tonight and Im going to take full advantage of it. When we were accepted at The Club I could tell a lot of the bulls were admiring me, but I had no idea that they ALL were! You must be very flattered that your girlfriend is so hot that EVERYONE wants to fuck her? So, this evening Ive been invited into the bulls room - something that they never do. The Bulls room is the ALPHA males only room at The Club where the bulls hang out to drink and talk - usually to exchange stories and brag about what theyve done to the hotwives and their cuckolds. Tonight, theyve invited me into this secret room and I cant wait to find out what they have planned for me. Theyve also sent some instructions for you too cuckold. Youre to pick out some specific clothing - they want you to dress me in my most expensive lingerie - the black Agent Provocateur set you bought me last valentine’s day I guess? They want you to buy me a new dress - something classy but something that shows off my perfect body. They want you to slip my feet into some tall heels and help apply my slut-red lipstick. Then youre to drive me to The Club for 8pm and take me to the Bulls Room. They want you to knock and wait for one of the Bulls to answer and then hand me over to them until midnight. You are then allowed to wait for me in the cuckolds room. What do you think theyll do to me in there cucky? I think there are at least 20 Bulls at the club - they cant expect me to fuck them all can they?
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