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Caged By Your Daughters Bratty Friend
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If I told my best friend that I caught her precious daddy perving on me shed totally disown you wouldnt she? Shed never talk to you again. You can deny it all you like - I know shed believe me and not you. I can be such a convincing crier! Yknow how annoying it is when a hot bratty girl like me cant even where cute little outfits around her best friendís daddy without him drooling all over me. Every time I accidentally brush my tight, toned body against you and feel your disgusting loser-stick poking into me makes me gag. Every time I catch you staring at my perfect cleavage in my bikini totally grosses me out. You need to be put under control - hot young girls like me should feel safe to wear whatever we want around losers like you so that we can look good for real men. Im going to lock your icky old cock in this chastity device and if you try to put up a fight about it, Im gonna tell my best friend exactly what youve been up to. You have no choice - your daughters bratty best friend is going to put your cock on lock-down and theres nothing you can do about it. Oh, and once Ive snapped the lock shut on this chastity device the fun really begins because I get to torment the fuck out of you for REAL! The outfits I wear when I come over here are gonna get shorter and tighter and knowing youre all locked up will allow me to rub myself against you without worrying about your sill cock offending me. And then theres all the little treats youll be expected to buy me just to keep me from throwing the key away for good. Cash, new clothes, make-up - whatever I want on demand - or say goodbye to your boners for good daddykins!
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