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Gagged, Caged, Pegged
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This is for my pleasure bitch. This isnt a punishment or a reward for that matter. Im fucking you for my own enjoyment which means youre going to be put through the most severe ass-fucking youve ever had. Im not going to be interested in anything youve got to say so youll be gagged. A ball of panties stuffed into your whore mouth and tied in place with a pair of stockings will do the job. You wont be begging me to take it easy on you, you wont be telling me youve had enough, you wont be telling me it hurts. Youll be silent while I have my fun with you. Your cock will be locked in chastity. This is for my selfish pleasure - none for you bitch. Youre going to take your ass fucking and you will remain caged away in that device unable to get hard while Im driving my dildo deep inside of you. Im going to ruin your ass bitch - Im going to pound you so hard youll be terrified Im going to split you in half. Youre going to be strapped down to the fucking bench while I fuck you hard. Its going to hurt you so much - Ive chosen an especially brutal dildo for you to take. Its going to be too big - far too long and far too thick for you but youre not going to have any choice. Youre going to be helpless. Im going to fuck you so hard for as long as I have energy and you will take it like the ass-fucked victim you are. No way of stopping me all youll have are your own thoughts as a girl pounds you from behind - turning you into her personal slut.
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