Amber Jasmine

Yeah I know, loser. I already know I'm better than you - too good for you. I'm too hot for you, I'm to expensive for you, I'm way too superior to you. But y'know what - I'm just the right amount of bitch for a reject like you too. So look on the bright side loser, you'll never get to date me, or fuck me - you won't even get to touch me - but what you will get is the opportunity to spoil me. You can be my little rinsed pay-piggie - making pathetic little oinky noises as you hand over your cash. Suffer financially so that a girl you'll never be good enough for can enjoy her best life. Sacrifice for me - because I'm pretty. Live in poverty so that I can have the luxuries I deserve. Look at me loser - you want to make girls like me happy right? You want my attention don't you? You want the pretty girl's attention even if I'm just being bossy and bratty and mean to you right? So give me money loser - spend on me, take me shopping, but me things and hand over your cash - I deserve it and you fucking don't!

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