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Apologize To My Real Man
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My Alpha fuck-toy is on his way over and you're going to apologise to him. It's your fault I've had to call him over because I'm feeling horny. It's your fault your beta-cock is too pathetic to take care of your own girlfriend's needs. It's your fault you can't satisfy me. It's your fault I had to lock your pathetic limp-dick away in chastity. You have so much to apologise for cuckold so when my real man arrives I want you on your fucking knees ready to beg for forgiveness. I want to hear you stuttering 'Sorry Sir' for all your inadequacies. Tell him how sorry you are that he's had to stop what he's doing and drive all the way over here, so he can take care of your girlfriend because you're not up to the job. Apologise for having a cock so much smaller than his that your girlfriend doesn't get to practice sucking big cocks like his. Apologise for not having condoms big enough to get on his huge dick. Beg him to let you sit in the corner and watch how a real man fucks your girlfriend. I want him to know how sorry you are for all the ways you fail to please his little fuck bunny. Don't worry cucky - I'm sure he's going to owe you some apologies later too... He's going to apologise for leaving your girlfriend totally exhausted. He'll apologise for leaving your bedroom in a total mess. He'll apologise for splashing his cum all over your little princess and he'll apologise for tearing up the expensive lingerie set you bought just for his enjoyment!
Danni King
24/08/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Apologize To My Real Man - #cuckold