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Apply To Be My Blackmail Slave
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Warning - following the instructions in this clip could cause you extreme personal ruin. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be blackmailed by a complete stranger? If so I am looking for a blackmail victim to totally fuck over for 1 full month. To apply you will need to watch the video and complete ALL of the instructions. To start with you will send me a photo of yourself in bra and panties, kneeling with a note that reads "Daisy's Blackmail Sissy". Your face will be fully visible, unedited and with no makeup. You will send me the contact details of the person you are closest to and a person who doesn't like you. You will also provide me with your Facebook login credentials. Once I have all of the information I want from you and your application has been accepted you will be given a month of total blackmail hell! You will find out just how cruel I can be. You will complete every heartlessly creative task I decide to give you, or you will be exposed. If I order you to put on a totally humiliating sissy outfit and photograph yourself in a grocery store - you'd better do it! If I order you to send me images of your face covered in your own cum - you'll do it! I have so many humiliating and sadistic things to do to you - every one of them will provide me with more material to hold against you. I'll blur your face and share them all over the internet - tormenting you with the knowledge the next image won't disguise your identity at all. You'll spiral deeper and deeper into a life of blackmail with no end to the degrading things I'll make you do for my amusement.
Daisy Dillon
07/09/2018 - 12 minutes
small testicle humiliation
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CruelGirlfriend - Apply To Be My Blackmail Slave - #blackmail