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Ask Her For Your Key Back
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There's no point sulking about it and getting all upset loser - I don't even have the key to your silly chastity device anymore so I can't unlock you even if I wanted to. I thought it would be funny to give your chastity key to the last person in the whole world you would ever want to be in charge of it. Just think of the meanest girl you know. Think of the girl you used to have the biggest crush on - the girl that treats you like a total loser - bullies you and laughs at you with all her bratty friends. That's right loser my best friend has your key - the hottest, brattiest cheerleader on the team is looking after your chastity key and the good news is I said she can give it back to you if you ask her nicely. You only need to go and ask her… in your sissy cheerleader uniform haha! That's right loser - if you want out of chastity you're gonna have to wiggle over to Bella in your short cheer skirt and pom-poms and beg her to unlock you. I'll even help you get dressed and fix your hair and makeup so you look your absolute best for your total humiliation. I've got a spare cheer uniform just your size, a cute pair of over-the-knee socks and a pretty blonde wig that I'll put up into bratty bunches. You're gonna look so cute as you make your way to meet her at the mall. Yes silly - Bella wants to meet you at the mall so that EVERYONE gets to see you begging her to unlock you from chastity. You'll kneel at her feet and say "please miss Bella, could you unlock me little sissy cock from chastity" in front of everyone at the mall. That's how easy it's gonna be to get that cage off sissy! So you gonna do it?
Lucie Jones
04/03/2018 - 11 minutes
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