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Ass-Fucked Until You Cum
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There's no opportunity for you to enjoy an orgasm like a real man any more loser. Your beta cock is caged in permanent chastity sentencing you to a life of hopeless denial. You don't get to touch, or jerk your cock. You don't get erections and you certainly don't get to fuck. It's time to accept that you no longer have a cock to take pleasure from. Your true meaning in life is to provide others with sexual pleasure. With your helpless cock in chastity the only way a beta submissive wimp like you can find sexual pleasure is from being fucked in the ass. You will allow others to use you as their fuck-toy and in return you may be lucky enough to experience an anally induced ruined orgasm. Put simply you will be fucked until you dribble cum from your chastity device. I'm taking you to a special fetish club for the more extreme players tonight and you will be totally used. There is a room they call the 'fuck pit' where girls like me take losers like you to be fucked by complete strangers. I want everyone to use you - guys, girls with strap-ons, she-males and I want them to fuck you in the ass until your poor cock cannot take it any more and leaks a humiliating sissy-gasm onto the floor. Maybe you'll cum from the total humiliation of being used by a group of perverts like this. Maybe you'll cum from the sensation of having multiple cock forced into your faggot ass. I don't care how you cum so long as you don't feel a single bit of pleasure in that locked-up cock of yours.
Danni King
30/04/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Ass-Fucked Until You Cum - #pegging