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I love fucking up wimps like you - helpless little losers who worship beautiful, evil girls like me. You know you're gonna get hurt but you've got no idea how badly yet. All because you can't resist hot, dominant women. I'm going to keep you chained up - your legs and arms chained wide apart and your mouth gagged to stifle your inevitable screams. I'm going to torture you loser - I'm gonna beat you with this bat and make you wish you never set eyes on me. I'm going to set up a camera to record your suffering so I can watch it over and over and share with my girlfriends.

I'm going to start with your poor, vulnerable balls - helplessly dangling between your trembling thighs. Even the slightest tap of my bat against them will be enough to send tears to your eyes but I'm not going to be just tapping them for very long loser. I'm going to beat them - hard! You're going to watch me swing my bat into your balls over and over again - begging me with your eyes for mercy - the agony tearing you apart with no way of making it stop. You know you're in serious trouble don't you loser?

I could keep smashing into your balls until there's nothing left but I'll offer you another option - just nod if you would prefer me to fuck you with the bat instead. What's it to be loser - do you want me to carry on destroying your suffering balls - beating them to a pulp or do you want me to fuck you with the bat? I'll lube it up with your tears and my spit and ram it deep inside you - fucking you with the brutal aluminium bat to save your balls. Just nod loser and I'll literally fuck you up with my bat

Added: 23 May 2022
Clip Length: 15m 13s