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Be Our Live-In Sissy Maid
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How would you like to be our very own live-in sissy maid? I'm being serious. My boyfriend and I hate doing all the cleaning and tidying. We're just too good for domestic duties but you were literally born to do this kind of thing. It's what you are - you have domestic servitude in your DNA. You are effeminate and submissive - perfect for what we need. We'd have a tiny little room just for you, with a tiny bed and a little makeup station and a wardrobe for your pretty maid’s uniforms. And that's where you'd live when you're not doing your chores. You'd get up really early in the morning to get yourself ready - making sure you're smooth, perfumed and looking pretty before you step into your maid uniform. Then you'll fix me and my boyfriend breakfast in bed and fetch us our freshly ironed clothes to wear for the day. You'll be busy all day, washing, cleaning, scrubbing tidying, folding, sweeping and completing all kinds of service work - making sure to bring us drinks and snacks on demand. If we need you to go out to the grocery store or run an errand for us you will do so. It will be humiliating for you in your short frilly maid’s dress, but your shame is of no concern to us. In the evening, when you've completed your hard work and my man and I want some private time you will be taken to your sissy-room and chained to your bed until you are needed in the morning. You'll lay there listening to us enjoying our amazing life, fucking and laughing about you and you'll be constantly reminded of your pathetic sissy status - but you will be truly happy that you exist to serve a superior Alpha couple.
Danni King
27/07/2018 - 12 minutes
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