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Just open your mouth and say it. It's humiliating - I understand that, but I want you to beg me to fuck other men in front of you. Be honest with yourself. And me. You don't deserve a girl like me - you don't know how to satisfy me in the bedroom. You know other men need to take your place... so beg me or else I'm gonna have to do something that I'm not sure you can handle. We're going out tonight, and I'm going to put on the shortest dress I have, I'm going to go out without any underwear on, and I'm going to wear heels so high that every time I bend over, any guy who's lucky enough to be looking in that direction sees my cute little pussy. I want everyone to see that I'm available - even though I'll be with you - everyone will know I'm looking for other men.

Just think about how hard it will be to watch me parade myself around for other men like that. You know that they're what I deserve, after all. Real cock, I deserve to have a real man fuck me the way that I need to be fucked. You could never ever do that for me. If you could, then I wouldn't have to humiliate you like this, would I? If you were confident with girls, if you were a bedroom-boss, if you knew how to fuck, I wouldn't need to bully you like this. I wouldn't need to dress up for other men, make myself look available and drag you along on to the club to make you watch me cheat on you. You ever think of it like that, cuckold? Did you ever consider that all this emasculation and shame is your own fault? That your failures have turned your little princess into a cheating little bitch? Uh-huh - you're to blame for this cuck - it's all your fault!

So we're going out tonight, and I'm going to stand there at the bar in my super-short micro-dress, and you're going to beg for me to fuck other men in front of you. Beg and plead. Loud enough that all the guys at the bar will hear. Loud enough that the men who do take me to the bathrooms to fill me with real-man cock will know that you won't do a thing about it, because you're SO pathetic that you actually begged your girlfriend to cheat on you. There's gonna be a queue of men wanting to fill me up and I'm gonna let them all cum deep inside of me, and you're going to sit there at the bar and know that I'm finally getting the cock that I deserve. And trust me, I'm not going to let them all pound me - just the way I deserve. So, get practicing, cuckold. Practice your 'simpy' little begging because I want at least five real-man cocks to fuck me tonight.

Added: 20 Sep 2021
Clip Length: 12m 53s