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Blackmailed Sissy Maid For Poker Night
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I know you are terrified sissy, but you're going to be the serving girl at my real man's poker night whether you like it or not. The thing is, when you've been foolish enough to get yourself this deeply blackmailed you really have no choice but to do as we tell you. So, you're going to be a curtseying, mincing sissy-maid at my man's poker night tonight or I will not hesitate in exposing you to all your friends and family. You're going to be dressed in a pretty satin French maid's uniform, with fluffy petticoats and an apron. You're really going to look like an over-the-top prissy sissy maid. A long blonde wig and a little maid's cap on your head and tall heels on your feet. You're going to feel so humiliated dressed like that in front of me and my boyfriend - imagine how much worse it's going to be when his buddies arrive! They all know about you - we've told them we're blackmailing you into being their maid for the evening. They all know you have to be submissive and they all know you have been told to address them all as 'Sir'. You'll take their coats and fetch their drinks and all through the game you'll wiggle around keeping them happy. You'll curtsey and ask them if they need more beer or a snack. You're going to be so submissive to everyone - I want you to serve them their drinks and in your prettiest girlie voice ask them if they need anything more from you. We've already told them all that they can use you however they like, so if you're ordered under the poker table to suck someone's cock - you're going to do exactly what a blackmailed sissy maid should do... if she knows what's good for her!
Jessie Boulevard
03/01/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Blackmailed Sissy Maid For Poker Night - #Feminization