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Beg Him To Cum Inside Me
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We had a deal didn't we cuckold - I can cheat on you as much as I like so long as my Alpha studs all wear a condom. We wouldn't want any accidents would we - especially since almost all of the guys I fuck are black… It would be kinda difficult for you to explain that 'accident' to all of your friends and family, right? You're such a beta cuckold wimp with such a fragile ego - it means so much to you that my real men don't cum inside me - it kinda makes me want to break that rule so much more. I have one of my big black lovers coming over tonight cuckold and you're going to prepare the bedroom just like you always do. You'll put fresh sheets on the bed, lay out my favourite lingerie and leave out a supply of lube and condoms for us. You'll be made to kneel beside the bed - just like you've had to do all the other times and watch as another man fucks your girlfriend like you could only dream of doing. But there's gonna be one difference this time cucky! Just before he's about to cum he's going to pull the condom off of his cock and lay it right on your stupid face and you're gonna beg him to cum inside your girlfriend! On your knees BEGGING an Alpha black stud to pump his real man cum inside your little princess. How fucking humiliating! What sort of wussy-wimp cuckold would beg the guy who is fucking his girlfriend to cum right inside her while he wears his XL condom on his face? You're gonna beg and beg until he empties his load inside me cuckold and then you'd better be ready to do the best cuckold clean-up of your pathetic life!
Daisy Dillon
20/07/2018 - 12 minutes
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