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Beg Me For Permanent Chastity
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Losers like you know you don't deserve to be out of chastity. You need your sex life and masturbation habits managed by superior, dominant females like me. You know you shouldn't even have the right to experience an erection without permission. You know your underweight and under skilled limp-dick should remain cock-locked in a secure chastity device - which is why you handed control over to me. I am your chastity keyholding tormentress. I am every reason your cock needs to remain in chastity. Girls like me are totally unobtainable to losers like you but it doesn't stop you getting hard and jerking off at the mere thought. It's insulting, it's disgusting and I'm going to make sure you stay caged away and unable to pollute the world with your sub-standard DNA. You know everything I'm saying is true but still, given the chance, you'd jerk yourself off over a hot snobby girl in a short skirt and high heels. Which is why you need to accept you should never be released from chastity and BEG me to keep you locked up FOREVER. Let me hear you say 'Please miss Jessie - keep my inferior cock locked away in PERMANENT chastity' beg me in your most sincere, humble, grovelling voice! I want to know you truly accept the fact that a loser like you should never feel the pleasure of an orgasm ever again. Beg me to keep you in permanent, uncomfortable, frustrating chastity. Beg me to destroy the key. Beg me to force you to live the rest of your pathetic life in chastity!
Jessie Jensen
08/10/2017 - 12 minutes
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