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Betas Stay Pussy-Free
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At CruelGirlfriend we have a policy of locking beta male wimps into chastity wherever the opportunity arises. Betas do not deserve to fuck girls and we will take all necessary steps to ensure you remain pussy-free for the rest of your inferior life. Hot girls like us do not want losers like you getting icky stiffies over the thought of us and we don't want you trying to fuck us or any girl for that matter. You're a beta and that means you'll assume your position behind all the Alpha males in this world. No pussy for beta wimps - is that understood? No watching porn with your loser cock in your hand, no paying for sex, no desiring too-good-for you girls who don't even know you exist. You are pussy free for life. If you ever want to cum again you're gonna have to do it the beta way - the totally pussy-free way! If you get so frustrated in that cock-cage that you need to leak out a loser load there's only one way a beta wimp like you is allowed to do it - by fucking your ass. That's right beta-boi - grab your favourite big ass-filling dildo and push your ass onto it. Suction it to the wall or floor or whatever and back yourself onto it like a beta would do to a real cock. You're going to do all the work to bring your locked up cock to the edge. Image an Alpha is forcing you to wiggle back onto his huge cock - making you beg for your beta-gasm. This is the only way an inferior loser like you gets to cum - fill your ass full of cock and mourn the loss of any hope of getting pussy ever again. Beta's NEVER get pussy - just an ass full of cock and a pathetic ruined cum leaking from your cock cage.
Becky Dee
25/05/2018 - 12 minutes
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