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Blackmailed Sissy Dares
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So I'm guessing you don't want me to share your sissy secrets with the whole world right? You want to avoid the public humiliation and life destroying consequences of me releasing all the evidence I have on you? I'm sure you enjoyed the fantasy of me having the power to totally fuck up your life - have you fired from your job, smash your relationships into pieces and cause you irreparable social embarrassment but now that I'm ready to do so you're regretting it. You're regretting sending me your personal information and the images I asked for. You know the damage I could cause now, and you are terrified by the thought of being ruined by me. I have a series of dangerous, potentially exposing sissy dares for you to complete. And you will complete them all - exactly as I tell you to - otherwise I will push the button on your whole life. Yes, the dares will cause you extreme humiliation. Yes, you will have to go into public dressed in the sissy clothes I tell you to wear, Yes people will probably see you and Yes you'll want the whole world to swallow you up... but ask yourself this sissy - is it worse than letting me flush your entire life down the toilet? If you fail to do ALL of the emasculating dares I WILL expose you and I'll make sure you never escape the humiliating evidence I have on you sissy. Do you still think it was a good idea to play blackmail games with a CruelGirlfriend? Is this what you had in mind sissy? Well I hope you still find it fun when I force you into an ultra-feminine outfit and send you out in broad daylight to complete a humiliating dare for me!
Jessie Boulevard
02/07/2018 - 11 minutes
small penis worship
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