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Blackmailed Until You're Gay
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Are you terrified of the idea of sucking a real cock sissy? You play your little dress up games - wearing your foo-foo sissy uniforms and slutty lingerie - prancing around in your heels and wig pretending to be a girl but you know you'll never be a 100 percent certified sissy until a real man has put his cock into your mouth and cum down your throat. You know you're not complete but the fear of being made to take cock prevents you from doing your sissy duty and serving a real man. I am going to help you sissy. I am going to give you no choice but to suck cock. You're going to send me a before and after picture of you dressing up in all your sissy disgrace. It's going to be the perfect blackmail material to push you down a road you'd never have the courage to do on your own. I'll use your humiliating pictures to blackmail you every step of the way. I'll help you select the right man to take your virginity. I'll help you arrange the first meeting in a cheap hotel room and I'll help you pick what to wear for your first time. If you try to back out at any point - I'll expose you for the sissy you are to everyone. You'll follow my instructions or I will ruin you. You'll wait for your first cock in your hotel room all dressed up in your sissy clothes and you'll let him in and do EXACTLY what he tells you to do. And guess what sissy, the guy with his cock in your mouth is going to send me more photos - so I can blackmail you further and further. Before long you're going to be sucking so much cock and getting fucked by so many men you'll be turned gay forever.
Miss Mia
01/05/2017 - 8 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Blackmailed Until You're Gay - #blackmail