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Boo Hoo All Night Cuckold
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Aw boo hoo cucky - are you gonna cry? I know it breaks your poor cuckold heart watching me getting ready for another man. Seeing your own girlfriend making an extra special effort to look good for someone else. I love seeing how much it hurts you as I deliberately slip into the pretty lingerie you bought me for Valentine’s day. I love feeling your fingers trembling when I tell you to help zip me into my short, tight dress and fasten the necklace holding your chastity key around my neck. I enjoy looking down at you as you slip my stockinged feet into my new fuck-me heels and carefully fix the buckle. You beg me not to leave tonight and beg me not to meet 'him' for sex but you know I'm going to do it anyway. I'll put on that lipstick you love to see me wear and I'll make sure my hair is the way you love the most. This is how I like to cuckold you. I don't want to hide it - I want to rub yor nose in it. I want it to hurt you! Once I leave you'll be wondering how long I'm going to be with him and what he's doing to me. If you're lucky I'll let him take some photos of me sucking his cock so I can send you them all through the night. I'll keep you updated all night long with all the details of how our night is going. You'll read every crushing message from your cheating girlfriend and view every explicit photo I send you of another man getting to use me. You can boo-hoo all night long cuckold with the evidence of your hot trophy girlfriends giving another man all the things you enjoy so much.
Bella Mendez
18/02/2018 - 10 minutes
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