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CruelGirlfriend - Free Gallery - Sissies need to know their place in life. If you're MY sissy you're a FULL TIME sissy. You don't get to wear boy clothes EVER! No boy underwear - just frilly lace or shiny satin panties, tight corsets and soft stockings rolled up your smooth legs. No more jeans and shirts for you either. Instead you'll have a wardrobe full of the prettiest dresses, maid uniforms, schoolgirl uniforms, serving uniforms and fluffy sissy dresses. All of your man-shoes would be replaced with the highest heeled stripper shoes - you'd have nothing left but girly sissy clothes. So this is the thing - when you're my full time sissy you really have no option but to stay at home. Your place will be in the home. Your place will be in the kitchen from early in the morning. You'll wake up and get dressed into your cute maid's uniform so you can prepare and serve me and my real man's breakfast before you start your daily chores. All dolled up like a pretty maid you'll clean the house every day! You'll do our laundry, press and fold and put away, and you'll keep the place nice and tidy for when we come home - especially when we have guests! But you know a sissy's place isn't just in the kitchen - it's in the bedroom too. Sissies can be very useful and entertaining in the bedroom - either to humiliate for our amusement while we fuck or maybe to help get my REAL MAN ready for me beforehand. My full time sissies never get a break from being of service - whether you're cleaning my bathroom or cleaning my man's cock - you'll be kept busy in the home.