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Chastity Humiliation At The Strip Club
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Y'know my new job at the strip club is going so well. I thought it would earn me enough money to get me through college but I'm earning WAY more than I ever thought! I'm SO popular, not just with the guys that come to the club - although they LOVE me - in fact a lot of them are your friends... and guys you work with... and ex-boyfreinds. The other strippers love me too and I was telling them all about you and how I dominate you - how you're all locked up in chastity while I'm here at the club grinding my cute little ass on other men's hard cocks. they felt so sorry for you and thought you should come to the club tonight for a free lapdance - with ALL of the girls. They all want to find out if they can make your cock explode inside its little pink device! While all my hot stripper girlfriends are teasing the fuck out of you and making fun of you being all locked up in chastity - I'll be in the booth right next to you - grinding my perfect ass on a real man's bulge! You can either listen to all the mean strippers humiliating you for being locked in chastity at the stripclub or you can listen to me - stripping for someone you know right next to you. All the girls want to make you sputter out an emasculating loser-gasm from the end of your device - right into your pink panties so they can laugh at you even more. All the other guys in the club are going to be getting the best lapdances of their lives - with hot girls flirting with them and telling them how hot they are - except you loser. You're going to be humiliated, laughed at, and spat on by hot girls while your girlfriend grinds her ass on a real man's cock.
Chloe Love
17/03/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Chastity Humiliation At The Strip Club - #Chastity