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Clean Your Mouth For His Cock
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You're going to suck my boyfriend's cock, sissy. You're going to give Sir the very best blowjob he's ever had. You're going to kneel in front of him, unzip his cock from his jeans using only your teeth - making sure not to get any lipstick marks on his clothes. You're going to tease his big Alpha cock with your tongue and then you're going to open your mouth and take every inch into your throat. You're going to submit to him and let him use your mouth the way a sissy's mouth should be used. But before my man allows your faggot mouth the honour of sucking on his superior cock, I want to make sure your mouth is as clean as he deserves. I want your cock-sucking sissy-hole spotlessly clean and worthy to be filled with Sir's cock. So, before my real man's cock goes anywhere near your dirty whore mouth, you're going to clean it for him - with soap. Open your mouth and bite on a bar of soap faggot. My boyfriend deserves a nice clean mouth to fill up with his cock so you're gonna chew on this bar of soap and make sure it's the perfect suck-hole for him. I want you to listen to me telling you how my real man boyfriend is going to pump his cum into your nice clean mouth as you jerk off with soap in your mouth. Jerk off knowing that you're being made to wash your mouth with soap just so that my man can face-fuck you and ruin it with his slime. My real man gets to use your sissy face to empty his cumloads into and all you get is to kneel in front of us, jerking off while I humiliate you for being a cum eating faggot. Maybe I should make you push that soap deep into your sissy-faggot ass... just in case my real man decides he wants to ruin more than just your mouth huh?
Queen Kitty
10/06/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Clean Your Mouth For His Cock - #ForcedBi