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I know sissy, all the hormones are making you feel confused but trust me, you want to be the girliest you can be. I know what's best for you - I know what you truly want - you want to be pretty don't you sissy? Say it. You want to look just like all the pretty girls who get all the boys. Don't be shy and trust me. You want to dress like the girly-girls - in pinks and pretty pastels. You want to wear the shortest skirts and highest heels. You want to feel silky stockings pulled high up your smooth, shaved legs and held securely in place with tight suspender straps. You want a beautiful girly shape - with your waist squeezed in extra-tight by a constricting, shape-controlling corset. You want your plump girlish bottom covered in the frillies, ruffled panties. Say it back, sissy - you NEED to feel feminine - you NEED to feel vulnerable - you NEED to be a GIRL!

The thing is, sissy, whether you like it or not you need to be controlled. Sissies need to be told what to wear and how to look. You need to be made to grow your hair long hair and told how it is to be coloured and styled to make you look as pretty as possible. Boys like girls with long hair - you'll need it extra-long too - with extensions so I can put you in pigtails or a ponytail or give you long bouncy curls. You need to be made to wear long, impractical fingernails - painted to match your bimbo makeup. Your eyelashes will be extra long - your lipstick will be thick and glossy. Sissies like you need to look your best for the boys at all times. You will taught how to serve too - how to be super-submissive, how to curtsey, how to kneel and beg. You want to be a submissive girl don't you sissy - you want to be controlled and made to serve, right?

The best thing about being a sissy girl is you never need to make decisions - choices aren't for sissies. Choices are made FOR you. The most feminine lingerie with pretty ribbons and bows will be chosen for you, dainty panties and lacy bras. You'll be made to wear the tallest heels. Strappy platform stripper-shoes or shiny patent boots that will be padlocked on to make you feel extra vulnerable and controlled. Your skirts will be short and flimsy, your dresses will be frilly and humiliating. All the more humiliating when you're paraded in them - made to model them for real girls to laugh at and for men to take advantage of. You will be collared and leashed, you will be pierced and made to wear pretty jewellery and locked in chastity so that every inch of you is under control... and that's exactly what you need isn't it sissy? You NEED to be controlled like that - that's what you've always wanted right?

Added: 03 Dec 2023
Clip Length: 14m 50s