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What shall I tell my date cucky? Should I tell him you're actually my cuckold boyfriend and I make you drive me around on my dates with other guys? Shall I humiliate you like that? Maybe I could tell him you're just my driver to save you the total embarrassment of him laughing at you.. but you don't really deserve my pity. You've failed as a man so now you have to drive me to my date's house, watch him climb back here with me, watch him grab your girlfriend and make out with her - right on the back seat of your car. You can't even say a thing about it can you cuckold. You're just a cowardly wimp who has to watch him put his hands all over me. Then you can drive to wherever we tell you to go and wait outside while we have fun - that YOU are gonna pay for. Wait for us to leave the restaurant or club and carry on with our fun right back here. You can try and catch a glimpse of what we're up to if you like cuckold, but you'd better not let either of us catch you! If he catches you he'll probably kick your ass for spying on his girl! If I catch you I'll totally fucking humiliate you! I'll tell him my pathetic cuckold boyfriend is sneaking a look at us! Sneaking a look of his hands going right up my skirt and into my panties. I'll actually tell him to beat you up if I catch you cuckold. Just drive us around, run into the store for some condoms and be the perfect little cuckold driver for the night. Don't talk back, don't even look at us - just do as we tell you to while we make out, fuck, ridicule you or whatever we want to do. Now get driving cuckold - my real man is waiting...

Added: 07 May 2018
Clip Length: 12m 23s